This lovely villa, located on 1/2 acre of landscaped grounds, overlooks the gentle surf of Playa Cofresi on the North Shore of the Dominican Republic. Cofresi Beach, named after a famous pirate, is about 4.5 km west of Puerto Plata. The entire family will enjoy our large private swimming pool and cabana in the back yard as well as our smaller sitting pool for non-swimmers or those who prefer to lounge in the water.

The villa shares beautiful Cofresi Beach with two world class resorts and the new marine eco-park, Ocean World.

The coral sand at the beach is cool on the feet and soft to the touch. There is ample shade provided by swaying palms and lush sea grapes for those who have had enough sun but still want to enjoy the atmosphere. On one end of the mile long beach are rocks and coral that invite snorkelers. There are usually breakers for body surfing in some areas but then the rest is just right for wading. There are no rip tides, no dangerous under tows and no jellyfish at Cofresi. The only sharks that you will see are in the shark habitat at Ocean World. Quaint Dominican souvenir kiosks and nice restaurants are set along the beach area but you will not be hassled by hawkers on the beach itself. Beach chairs and water toys are available at stands up and down the beach. Snorkelers and divers will find plenty in Cofresi beach to entertain them. When the wind is right, the snorkeling at Cofresi offers beautiful coral, rocks and tropical fish. There are also many other areas a short drive or short boat trip away.

We’re recently completed a major renovation of Caribe, with the goal of making it even more comfortable and accommodating for our family and guests.  Click here to see some photos of the work as it happened.

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