Jan:        83º/62º F;  28º/17º C

Feb:        84º/62º F;  29º/17º C

Mar:      85º/62º F;  29º/17º C

Apr:       86º/64º F;  30º/18º C

May:     88º/66º F;  31º/19º C

Jun:       91º/68º F;  33º/20º C

Jul:        91º/68º F;  33º/20º C

Aug:      92º/68º F;  33º/20º C

Sep:       92º/68º F;  33º/20º C

Oct:       90º/67º F;  32º/19º C

Nov:      86º/66º F;  30º/19º C

Dec:       82º/63º F;  28º/17º C


Mark & Chris Ravera

Caribe Vacations, LLC


Phone: +1.973.796.2653


Cofresi Beach, named after a famous pirate, is about 4.5 km west of Puerto Plata. The coral sand at the beach is cool on the feet and soft to the touch. On one end of the mile long beach are rocks and coral that invite snorkelers. There are usually breakers for body surfing in some areas but the rest is just right for wading. There are no rip tides, no dangerous under tows and no jelly fish at Cofresi. Quaint Dominican souvenir kiosks and nice restaurants are set along the beach area but you will not be hassled by hawkers on the beach itself. After the sun goes down, the nightlife picks up, with musical shows, discos and a casino all just a short walk away.

Playa Cofresi is a wonderful place for those who want a relaxing Dominican experience, but aren't interested in (or are tired of) the all-inclusive scene. Just walk along the beach, and you'll see and meet a wide range of people, all of whom are enjoying simply being at Cofresi. Tourists from the US and Europe mingle easily with Dominicans.

On the beach, language is not a barrier -- a simple 'Hola!' and a smile are all that is needed. There is also a thriving (and often quirky) community of expats who have washed up on the shores of Cofresi. Most of them have come from the US, Canada, Germany and the UK. Just pull up a seat at Chris & Mady's bar, or the bar at the Beach House restaurant and strike up a conversation. Everyone has a story that they are happy to share over a Margarita or a Rum & Coke. In no time at all, it will be easy to think that you're in the middle of a Jimmy Buffet song!

The Neighborhood & Beach